I love my fishing more than just about anything. I love getting outside of the house, scouting out new locations and just being near the water. I love the fresh air, the spectacular views, the early mornings and most of all; the anticipation and excitement as the hook is finally set in a good fish and it starts to peel line off the reel – it’s the best!

Like most fisherman, I started fishing with my dad and brothers as a kid by throwing baits in the water and waiting for a bite. Sometimes we caught a few, especially after getting a little boat but plenty of times we came home empty handed with smiles on our faces anyway for having spent the day out on the water in good company. My dad was not a great fisherman however it is thanks to him that we boys were able to get out of the house and get our first taste of what this great past time has to offer.

I transitioned from bait fishing to casting lures a few years ago and while it was tough at first, I have noticed a distinct increase in my catch rate and enjoyment ever since. I love that lure fishing is a mental game. You assess the wind, tide and subsurface conditions to try and match them with something special from your tackle-box. It’s an active form of fishing which means you are walking, checking out likely spots, casting and most of all; you are mentally engaged 100% of the time as to what your lure is doing in the water and how it is being seen by the fish. Your lures are all kept conveniently in a little box which was packed the night before and so you don’t have to worry about keeping your baits cool and your hands clean. Lure fishing really is the perfect way to fish when traveling, exploring new locations or even just going for a walk along the beach.

While I am mostly a land based lure fisherman, I do occasionally go kayaking and boat fishing with family and friends and still throw out baits when they are the better option for a given situation. I enjoy all kinds of fishing but tend to have the most success around saltwater estuaries, rocky headlands, break walls and bridges and so Scoutfisher focuses on these main areas with a few freshwater sessions thrown in for good measure.  I currently live in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) so most of the time I’m throwing lures and scouting spots around South East Queensland, Northern New South Wales or up into Central Queensland.

In my spare time, I love researching locations, techniques and weather conditions to help me plan my next fishing trip – which fortunately – is never far too away. As a result of my passion, experience and research, I have accumulated a decent amount of useful information from my niche area of this great sport and look forward to sharing some of the more basic insights and angles with anyone who is interested enough to look through the site. This information will be aimed mostly at the novice but may also find an interested ear from anglers with little bit more experience who appreciate the occasional different view on some old topics.

When speaking about my passion for fishing (which is usually pretty often) the one thing that I hear a lot from people is “I would love to go fishing but I just don’t know how”. It struck me that if it weren’t for the rudimentary teaching I received from my old man, I would not have a platform to enjoy this wonderful pastime today. With that in mind, I have decided that my key objectives of Scoutfisher are three fold-

1)    To record details and photos of my more interesting trips. In this way, the reports will act as my dairy for future reference.

2)    To inspire some interest in you to get out and have a go. If there is something here which makes you want to go out and start up fishing or try new technique then that would be something I would be very proud of accomplishing and so I sincerely hope that my enthusiasm for fishing comes through clearly to you.

3)    To share a variety of useful techniques and tips that I have accumulated over the years. A lot of these tips are things I have discovered through my own experience while the rest of them will be either common knowledge among regular fishermen or things that I have picked up from others via the internet or from other media platforms which I frequently access.

I hope you enjoy Scoutfisher  – please fell free to offer any feedback on ways to improve it or things you would like to hear me write more on.


Scoutfisher  – Tim Sibley